Search for new home pays off: Rexius plans to redevelop the site with housing, businesses
(Source: The Register-Guard; Published: Saturday, January 1, 2012; By: Saul Hubbard) After a decade long search, Rexius Sustainable Solutions finally has found a place to work its mammoth mounds of landscaping materials without bothering neighbors. Rexius Sustainable Solutions, a company with about $22 million in annual sales, started working toward the housing development about two years ago when it engaged University of Oregon students in a Community Planning Workshop to generate ideas for the land.

Charging ahead: The era of electric vehicles begins to take shape in Lane County
(Source: The Register-Guard; Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2011; By: Saul Hubbard)
Thanks to federal funds, tax credits and private investment, a new wave of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is set to come to Eugene before the end of the year.  A November 2010 study conducted by the University of Oregon Community Planning Workshop found interest in electric vehicles to be “surprisingly high” among Eugene and Springfield residents, supporting the installation of electric charging stations.

UO study points to potential of local food production
(Oct. 19, 2010) Lane County farmers face barriers in processing, storage, distribution and regulation of their crops. But a new study by the University of Oregon’s Community Planning Workshop suggests they also have opportunities to increase their share of the county’s $1.17 billion annual food market.

UO study sees economic development potential in local farms
(Oct. 8, 2010) A new study on the economic development potential of locally-grown food products indicates that farmers in Lane County – despite barriers in processing, storage, distribution and regulation – have plenty of room to increase their share of the county’s $1.17 billion annual food market.

UO wins national award for applied research in local food-supply chain
(April 7, 2011) A new “local food coordinator” job, start-up expenses for a grain mill and a 90-acre demonstration farm are just a few innovations already implemented from a UO student project honored with a national award.

Lane locavores to the rescue
(Source: The Register-Guard; Published: Sunday, January 30, 2011; By: Tina Orem) Demand for locally grown food is soaring, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, and that means economic opportunities in Lane County, according to a new study by the University of Oregon.

Bob Parker, Program Director for the Community Planning Workshop, wins 2011 Research Innovation Awards Discovery and Connection 
(June, 2011) Bob Parker is managing director of the Community Service Center (CSC) and program director of the Community Planning Workshop. Over the last 21 years, Parker has managed an average of ten policy and planning analysis projects per year with community and state officials throughout Oregon. The Community Planning Workshop is known widely throughout Oregon as one of the state’s critical policy analysis resources, connecting the expertise of university faculty members and students with communities and agencies.