What Students Can Expect

The Community Planning Workshop may be one of the most important and inspirational classes that graduate students take in the Community and Regional Planning Program through the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon. 

CPW is often the defining experience for students in the graduate planning program. The opportunity to work directly with a community partner on a real project allows students to move from theory to practice. Students can take what they have learned in the classroom and through guided discovery build professional skills and deepen their understanding of planning and policy concepts.

CPW is Cited by Students as one of their Educational Highlights

All accredited planning programs require an experiential component, but CPW goes one step further – we conduct planning and policy work for paying clients. The financial commitment from the community partner or client adds a heightened level of professional expectation.

Students can be involved in CPW in three ways

  1. Through the Community Planning Workshop class, PPPM 625 and 626;
  2. Through the Community Service Center Summer Internship Program; and/or
  3. As a Graduate Employee (GE) or Research Assistant during the academic year.

"I can tell that my CSC experience will be one of the highlights of my graduate school education." Hagen Hammons, MCRP studentCPW Class, PPPM 625 & 626
First year graduate students in the Community and Regional Planning Program are required to take PPPM 625 & 626. Graduate students from outside of PPPM and undergraduates may take CPW, but must meet with CPW faculty for a brief interview. In class, four-six student teams work on a range of projects supervised by experienced CPW faculty and staff.

Summer Internship Program
During the summer, we hire 10 – 15 students to conduct planning and policy work for Oregon communities. Interns engage in a variety of projects with a range of tasks.

Graduate Employee (GE) or Research Assistants
Based on the funding for specific projects we hire GEs for project management and Research Assistants to assist with project assignments.


CPW Does Real Work in Real Communities

Our additional programs include:

Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience (OPDR) >>>
OPDR is a coalition of public, private, and professional organizations working collectively toward the mission of creating a disaster resilient and sustainable state. Developed and coordinated by the Community Service Center (CSC), OPDR employs a service learning model to increase community capacity and enhance disaster safety and resilience statewide.

Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) >>>
The RARE AmeriCorps program works to increase the capacity of rural communities to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions. RARE participants assist communities and agencies in the development and implementation of plans for achieving a sustainable natural resource base and improving rural economic conditions while gaining community building and leadership skills.

Economic Development Administration University Center (EDAUC) >>>
The mission of the EDAUC is to link university resources with communities for the purpose of enhancing regional sustainable economic development. EDUAC provides technical assistance to distressed communities throughout the state with the focus of creating sustainable local economies through capacity building, applied research, and partnerships